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Give relaxation and regeneration to a person whom you want to provide with a moment of pleasure. Elegant gift invitation for treatments to the luxury Waters Spa is certainly an original gift for a loved one, a customer, an employee. For more information call 32 674 13 95-96 and contact
"* Please contact the spa reception desk to determine the time of Voucher realization. Regulations of purchase and use of gift vouchers of Natura Residence I. General terms 1. The gift voucher may be realized only for services in Hotel Natura Residence & Business SPA. 2. The Buyer undertakes to pay for the Voucher in the amount equal to its value. 3. The Voucher cannot be returned or exchanged for cash. 4. The Voucher must be realized during one stay. 5. From the moment of presenting the voucher to the Buyer the Hotel is not liable for its destruction or loss. 6. The Hotel does not issue duplicates of Vouchers. 7. The Voucher is valid for the period of 3 months from the date of purchase. Validity date is in its lower right corner. II. Principles of using the Voucher 1. The User reserves the term at least 3 days before the intended day of realizing the Voucher at the reception desk Hotel Natura Residence, phone no. 32 674 13 95-96, e-mail: after prior confirmation of availability. 2. Before making services, the User presents, at the reception desk, the original Voucher authorizing him/her to use specific services. Failure to present the Voucher may lead to rejection of provision of the service. 3. When the service value is lower than the value of the Voucher the User shall not be entitled to receive the change. 4. When realizing the Voucher for a specific service the User shall not have the right to change it. 5. When the value of the service being provided is higher than the value of the presented Voucher the user is obliged to make extra payment of the difference. 6. In the case of a personal Voucher for treatments in Waters SPA, it can be used by only one person. III. Final provisions 1. The Buyer/the User along with receiving the Voucher declares that he/she has become familiar with the content of these Regulations, accepts its content entirely and undertakes to follow its provisions. 2. The content of these Regulations is available on the website at and at the reception desk of Hotel Natura Residence Business & SPA, Reception desk of Waters SPA. The Hotel is under the obligation to present and familiarize the Buyer/the User with the Regulations at each request thereof. 3. The Hotel reserves the right to change the Regulations. Any changes are binding from the date of their introduction by the Hotel, after providing the amended Regulations for inspection at Hotel Natura Residence Business & SPA and at the website
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